Top Gaming Sites To Download Games !

As we all acquaint and strongly believe that games are an extremely integral part of our everyday life. But this world has progressed, and we desire to attain real-life experiences through VR in place of experiencing the real thing. Online games aren’t just mentally stimulating, but they are extremely addictive as well. Now, not each one of us desires to disburse for playing video games for a few hours, so here’s a list of top games downloading websites. You can download complete versions of the preferred games from here.

Mega Games:

This website doesn’t provide computer game downloads. What you can download from this site are different programs that will improve the games. Such contents comprise trainers that will do the in-game job for you. Cheats are also accessible for people who are lazy to carry out anything in the game. Not just these cheats are accessible, but mods are also there for the users. The website also has a platform where there is news related to gaming.


It is a site where you can locate free computer games. The website started out to be the teaching ground of kinds for the proprietors when it comes to learning programming. With time, it created to be what it’s today. As its name implies, it’s a fantastic catalog of games from A-Z. The website itself isn’t a platform where you simply can download your games. Instead, it offers info and directs the users to where to download the computer games. The website itself is also community-driven, such as Steam. This website can really become a platform for providing insightful reviews on computer games.

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Ocean Of Games :

Ocean of games is one of the best website to download games.Basically on ocean of games you do not have to pay anything to download the games you can download every type of game for free within seconds and without virus as well.These games are totally legit and you will not face any problem after downloading them

Microsoft Games:

As the name of this site implies, this website is actually owned by the Microsoft Company. It does not provide much when it comes to the features apart from carrying out its work as the distributor of computer games. There’re many free games accessible here, but just a few are the renowned titles. These comprise Angry Birds, Roblox, the Asphalt series of racing games, and Plants vs. Zombies, to name just a few. For those video games that the users can purchase, these comprise the Forza series of the racing games and Minecraft.


This website is a digital distribution platform. It was initially imagined to be a strong opponent to Steam. What can really set it apart from the other distributors is that it uses cloud tech. The cloud technology is utilized by Origin when it comes to saving your files. Not just that, but it also has cross-platform games. It denotes that a few games in it support a lot of platforms. Like the majority of distributors, it also provides free games from time to time. A lot of titles accessible on this website are renowned franchises. These comprise The Sims 3 & 4 (with their expansion packs). A variety of Star Wars games are also accessible. There’re also different other franchises accessible on this site, like FIFA and the Batman: Arkham.